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Increase revenue by converting more customer calls into sales

Move beyond outdated phone systems with BearTrack CRM’s VOIP solution, perfect for small businesses. Centralize your calls, texts, social media interactions, and more into one inbox for seamless communication and no missed opportunities.

All Your Communication Tools in One Place

Manage calls, messages, and emails on-the-go with our integrated app.

Effortlessly interact with both potential and current customers through various channels, all from one unified platform. Manage all your conversations, whether they’re from Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, messages, or email, in a single, convenient location.

Call Reporting

Dive into our Call Reporting section to monitor and analyze your inbound and outbound calls within the CRM system. With detailed data on call status, durations, and sources, you can effectively assess team performance and call efficiency. Customize your view with advanced filters, download reports, and track key metrics like missed versus answered calls and average call durations.

Optimize Your Phone Operations with Advanced Call Reporting

Key Features for Effective Communication

Inbound & Outbound Call Tracking

Monitor all incoming and outgoing calls, providing a complete overview of call activities.

Call Duration Analysis

Track the average and total duration of calls, offering insights into call efficiency and customer interactions.

Mobile App & Computer Calling

Make and manage calls, text, messages and emails directly from your computer or via the mobile app for on-the-go convenience and flexibility.

Call Status Breakdown

View detailed statistics on missed versus answered calls, helping to assess response rates and customer engagement.

Advanced Filtering Options

Utilize filters to sort and view call data by specific criteria, such as dates, phone numbers or call status.

Source and Agent Performance Tracking

Identify top call sources and evaluate individual team member performance in handling calls.

Your All-In-One Business Solution

Social Media Messaging

Engage customers directly through social media messaging platforms.

Phone Calls

Reliable phone services for seamless business communication.

Invoicing & Payments

Streamlined invoicing and payments for efficient financial management.


Comprehensive marketing solutions with an intuitive management dashboard

AI Solutions

Advanced AI solutions for smarter business operations.

Activate business automation today.