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Using AI for Smarter, More Effective Customer Conversations

Explore the capabilities of our AI technology to elevate your customer interactions. With automated appointment scheduling and enhanced communication, every conversation becomes more efficient and effective

All Your Communication Tools in One Place

Suggestive Mode

AI creates predictive text suggestions in real-time to aid users in answering customer messages. These suggestions pop up as an option, giving users the flexibility to either transmit the AI-proposed message as it is, modify it prior to sending, or reject the suggestion and compose the message manually.

Auto-Pilot Mode

This mode employs cutting-edge AI to provide automated responses to incoming messages, effectively guiding customers towards scheduling appointments. If a message comes in, the system strategically waits for 2 minutes before engaging the GPT API, allowing for the possibility of receiving multiple messages


This mode empowers Conversation AI to autonomously dispatch messages to your customers, enhancing customer engagement and boosting response speed. It functions independently, facilitating effortless communication without the need for manual oversight.


Appointment Booking

Pick a Calendar In the "Appointment Booking" segment, you are prompted to choose a calendar from your CRM. Selecting a particular calendar automatically earmarks the corresponding scheduling link. This link is subsequently utilized in the bot's responses, allowing customers to schedule appointments. This facilitates smooth integration of your CRM's scheduling functionalities with the automated customer engagement of the Conversation AI.

Conversation Flow

Within the “Conversation Flow” segment, you can steer the AI bot’s conversation with your clients. It will pose the designated questions prior to revealing the booking link to the contact. The remaining word count shows the additional words you can employ for this dialogue personalization.


Customize Bot Responses

In the "Customize Bot Responses" area, you can utilize the "+ Add Q & A" button to include commonly asked questions (FAQs) and their answers. This helps in educating the bot to manage inquiries efficiently.

Supported Channels

Supported Channels


This allows for automated replies to text messages from your clients.

Facebook & Instagram

Enable Conversation AI to communicate with clients via your company's page or Messenger.

Google My Business

Allows Conversation AI to interact with customers who contact your business through Google's messaging service.

Your All-In-One Business Solution

Social Media Messaging

Engage customers directly through social media messaging platforms.

Phone Calls

Reliable phone services for seamless business communication.

Invoicing & Payments

Streamlined invoicing and payments for efficient financial management.


Comprehensive marketing solutions with an intuitive management dashboard

AI Solutions

Advanced AI solutions for smarter business operations.

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