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How to Set Up ChatGPT as Your iPhone Voice Assistant: Bye Siri, Hello AI!

– OpenAI’s ChatGPT Voice feature is now accessible to all free users.
– Users can set up ChatGPT as their primary voice assistant on iPhones, replacing Siri.
– The process involves using a shortcut automation in iOS.
– The setup requires users to record a phrase like “Hey ChatGPT” to trigger the assistant.
– Once set up, users can ask ChatGPT various questions and commands.
– ChatGPT can perform a wide range of tasks, from setting reminders to answering complex queries.
– The integration showcases the versatility of AI and its potential to enhance user experience.

In the ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence, OpenAI has just rolled out its ChatGPT Voice feature to all the free users out there, and it’s making quite the buzz. If you’re an iPhone user, you might want to sit up and pay attention because Siri might just have to scoot over and make room for a new voice assistant in town.

Here’s the lowdown: you can now set up ChatGPT as your go-to voice assistant on your iPhone. Yes, you heard that right! And the best part? It’s not rocket science to get it up and running. All you need is a little help from the shortcut automation feature in iOS, and you’re good to go.

To kick things off, you’ll need to record a phrase that’ll wake up your new assistant. Something along the lines of “Hey ChatGPT” should do the trick. Once you’ve got that sorted, you can start chatting away with ChatGPT just like you would with any other voice assistant. Ask it to set reminders, play your favorite tunes, or dive into the depths of Wikipedia to answer your most burning questions.

What’s truly remarkable about this integration is the sheer range of tasks ChatGPT can handle. It’s not just about asking for the weather or sending a text message; this AI can tackle complex queries and perform actions that’ll make your digital life a breeze.

In summary, OpenAI’s ChatGPT Voice feature is shaking things up for iPhone users by offering an alternative to Siri. With a simple setup using iOS shortcuts, users can enjoy a new level of interaction with their devices, leveraging the power of advanced AI for everyday tasks and complex questions alike.

Now, for my hot take: This is a game-changer, folks! The ability to swap out Siri for ChatGPT could be the start of a voice assistant revolution. Imagine having an AI that not only understands your commands but also learns from them, providing increasingly personalized and intelligent responses. For businesses, this could mean a whole new level of efficiency and customer interaction. Imagine deploying ChatGPT as a voice assistant to handle customer inquiries or to aid in task management within your team. The possibilities are endless, and it’s all at the tip of your tongue—literally.

So, if you’re ready to give Siri a little break and explore the capabilities of ChatGPT on your iPhone, dive into the world of iOS shortcuts and let your voice be the command center of your digital world. Who knows, this might just be the productivity hack you didn’t know you needed!

Original article: https://techcrunch.com/2023/11/22/forget-siri-turn-your-iphones-action-button-into-a-chatgpt-voice-assistant-instead/